Casinos in Canada have been known for decades as a source of relaxation and entertainment, so it’s no wonder that many of the music they play is quite relaxing too! For example, a recent Canadian rave review magazine featured a number of different types of “rave” or “boutique” music that is often played at casinos. Most of the music is from international artists and dance crews, but there are some DJs that specialize in pumping up the crowd at casino tables. The kinds of music you will likely hear are slowed-down dance numbers with heavy trance influences, but some songs will be original rock songs with a heavy meditative or drum beat. One song in particular, by an English artist named Carl Cox, is called “Reelin’ in the Years.” While the exact origin of this track is still unknown, Cox did come up with the theme for a very famous video taken by Canadian artist Tommy Lee on his “Pray To See The Moon” video, and it was used as the background for many movies and TV shows including Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.

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A lot of what is played at live casino tables is recorded by live bands or DJs, and although the real music may not be heard (there’s compression, for one), the people singing or playing the instruments can let you know by the aura that is cast. For example, if a band is pumping up the crowd with their hit “Reelin’ in the Years,” chances are good that you’ll feel some aura of “jerk” or “tribal” coming over you. This energy can be strong enough to make you want to move your legs in a dancing fashion, but it is more than just an innocent form of physical expression – a good live casino DJ knows how to get people excited and can use this heightened state of energy to help the group win.

However, if you don’t happen to be one of those lucky enough to know someone who can sing or play an instrument, then the question remains… what is playing at a casino? The most reliable answer to this question is… music! Casinos employ live music for a reason – it makes the whole experience more memorable. You’ve probably noticed that when some well-known stars walk into a casino, the atmosphere becomes festive and friendly, the lighting is better, the games go faster, and the music is much more fun. Music is the casino’s best friend.